Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu is the name of the forest below the Hoia mountain in Romania near Cluj-Napoca, which is currently in the North-Western area of Romania. Rich in history in it’s surrounding areas including it’s involvement as a nation inside Transylvania.

By late 18th century, the city of Cluj-Napoca had recovered from a bout of the plague, wild fire and had a first row seat to see the Turkish empire’s sovereignty crumble.

In the game timeline, the Hoia Baciu plays host to a variety of odd characters, as well as the backdrop for mysterious problems in and around Cluj-Napoca. Residents living closer to the edge of the forest and near the carnival’s regular grounds report seeing ‘noapte incendii’, ‘night fires’ on the hills that leave no mark on the ground. The mysterious clearing in the center of the forest is not spoken of, except in hushed whispers of warning.

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Hoia Baciu Forest

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