Changeling the Lost

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The game is set in the World of Darkness, a fictional analog to the real world in which human beings unknowingly coexist with legendary monsters and other supernatural phenomena. The “Changelings” of the title are ordinary human beings who were kidnapped by the Fae and taken as slaves to their world (alternately known as Arcadia or Faerie). The player characters are changelings who have managed to escape their otherworldly captors and struggle through the barrier (known as The Hedge or the Thorns) that separates Faerie from Earth. The game focuses on the experiences of these changelings as they re-discover the world of their birth, try to cope with the changes they have undergone, and seek to evade recapture.^1

Important information for player characters in Torchlight:

  • Changelings in-game will be missing a part of their lives from memory. This can be anywhere from a few weeks or a few years. This is up to you. The storyteller will determine the speed of time in the natural world.
  • Changeling courts will not be determined until a few sessions of play — you will begin the game courtless.
  • Encountering your Fetch is a likelihood — talk to the storyteller about possible scenarios you have in mind.

To mundane people, i.e., non-changelings, you cannot speak of your history in Arcadia unless you have good reason or it pertains to an in-game problem.

Even vampires have little knowledge of Arcadia, the exception being those involved in more magical Disciplines. Mage characters (should we gain any) will be able to recognize a Changeling after a storyteller roll’s worth of hours/days, situations met in and at least 3 successes in an Occult + Intelligence roll. If you roll your normal pool, and do not meet the three successes, you must wait a full 12 hours before your next attempt. You may spend Willpower on this roll.

Changeling the Lost

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