Torchlight Carnival

Session 2: A Stranger Approaches!

For some reason, I get the feeling that my post titles will resemble Pokemon episode titles.

Players present: Lance (Content Not Found: Vladimir_), Mariah (Content Not Found: Sarah_), and Kyle (Content Not Found: Gorbachov). Brittany defaulted to sleeping in-game.

  • The party meets challenges as they are approached by the seemingly harmless monk known as Gorbachov.
  • With Gorbachov’s coming, it is revealed to Content Not Found: Vladimir_ and _Content Not Found: Sarah that he is in fact a mage and cataloging the supernatural folk within Eastern Europe in order to protect them. Nobody questions it or his status within the Silver Ladder.
  • The Flux, as known via successful memory check for all three present characters, appears and encroaches upon the encampment, heralded by dense fog.
  • The Winter Court, aka the home of things that go bump in the night, sent an invitation personally to Content Not Found: Sarah to the wedding of Oberon and an unnamed person. Entrance is located near Vatican City, in Italy.
  • Lance: earned 4 experience, in part to his hospitality towards the monk-mage.
  • Mariah: earned 4 experience for going through it all via Skype! Kudos!
  • Kyle: earned 4 for not killing the Shaco-rule 63 and keeping a cool head in facing new challengers.
  • Brittany: gained 2 experience, just for being awesome while sleeping. :)

No game Monday, playing Wednesday hopefully in the CC.



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