Torchlight Carnival

Session 1: Prelude

First session we had present all three characters, Content Not Found: Vladimir, Mariah’s character and Brittany’s character (vampire, changeling and human respectively). No names for Mariah’s character or Brittany’s yet.

Here’s a summary of what happened.

  • Established setting: 18th century Eastern Europe — currently a few miles out of Cluj-Napoca, camping by Hoia Baciu Forest.
  • Characters encounter mysterious crop circle in forest. After the unexpected suicide (was it?) of the carnival’s Proprietor, player characters decided to bury the Proprietor in the forest.
  • Mariah managed to successfully recover most of the carnivals currency as well as the will, which leaves the entirety of the carnival to Vladimir.
  • Brittany felt something that grazed her ankle — healing is coming along normally however.
  • Vladimir and Mariah both saw the shadow in the grave. Mariah knows what the shadow is, and what the crop circle truly is.
  • Vladimir must decide whether or not to bring the carnival to Athens, Greece now, or wait until the remaining seasonal workers leave before returning to the winter vacation area.

Mariah: earned 2 extra experience for starting stats thanks to fun roleplaying.
Brittany: earned 2 extra experience for being delightfully oblivious.
Lance: earned 3 extra experience for great voice and good internal character turmoil.

To-do’s for next session:

  1. Print out a Changeling, Vampire and WoD character sheet for next time
  2. Finish fleshing out map for immediate area
  3. Get hold of a copy of Vampire the Requiem for Lance and a hard copy of Changeling the Lost for Mariah.


i had so much fun! and i have decided on a name for my character!! …mostly..^_^

Session 1: Prelude

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